Every Wednesday Yasmin Young of the 2 To 6 Takeover and The People's Station will select WNY's Hardest Working Woman to feature here on WBLK.com and receive a prize! Meet our current winner, Carolyn Kirkwood!

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  • Meet May 17th's Winner, Carolyn Kirkwood!!

    Carolyn was nominated by her husband Duncan! He says, "Carolyn works as a social worker, helping council people through substance abuse issues. She is also a dedicated mother who loves our 3 beautiful children Destini, Raina, and Elijah. Also, she is working on her Masters in Social work and an active member of the True Bethel Baptist Church Family.

    How she balances all the things she does for our family is still a mystery. And a in March she was recognized as a dynamic woman who touches the world by the organization Unlimited Possibilities Overcoming Poverty."

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fivestarr.lynn
    IG: @MrsKirkwood_4eva

  • Meet May 10th's Winner, Capresha Robinson!!

    Capresha was nominated by her BFF, who says "I'm nominating my best friend Capresha. She works 3 jobs and goes to school full time. She works for the state helping people with disabilities and she's in the Army. Although she has no children, she volunteers with the Salvation Army and takes care of her elderly grandma every day. She recently just brought a house, which makes number 2 for her! She plans to rent it out. Capresha barely has any free time and the time she does have she spends it at the YMCA volunteering with Autistic individuals. Before the year is up she plans on deploying with the army for a year. Capresha is the hardest woman I know!!" Dang, girl you got a lot going on, but we salute you for managing to do all that good! Keep up the amazing work!!

  • Meet May 3rd's Winner, Jamilah Miller!!

    Jamilah is a single parent to a little boy, a landlord, and blogger! She's been writing encouraging articles over the past 6 months about not being ashamed of setbacks in life and dealing with difficulties that may come our way but to always remain positive and happy. Jam says, "I have been working as a LPN for 10+ yrs. I work at the state college and also work part time as a drug/addictions nurse. Helping those in their weakest state. It's a lot of hard work but I enjoy what I do. I work hard to give myself and my son the best life imaginable and to help serve others!" Well today, we salute you Jam!! Congrats!

  • Meet April 26th's Winner, Marilyn Young!!

    Ms. Marilyn was nominated by her mentee, who says "My mentor Ms. Marilyn Young is definitely the hardest working women ! She works full time as a state employee, then volunteers fulltime to end violence in our community. She works with the girl's and has her own mentoring program Pretty As A Daisy Mentoring,, which has two separate locations. Teaching girl's to love themselves and others, how to make better decisions and how to get along with other girls, providing group mentoring on Mondays and thursdays. She is also the director of Girls 2 women mentoring at her church, providing group mentoring on Fridays.. She co-founded Women Against Violence Everywhere W.A.V.E. that empowers women and girls.. I don't know how she does it but she is also on boards for other organizations., provide one on one mentoring and creates other programs and event's to.keep.girl's out if trouble and make them.better."

  • Meet April 19th's Winner, Dennise Ransom!!

    Dennise graduated in May 2015 from Buffalo State College, all while working as a cook at Bravo and a customer service supervisor at TOPS Markets and Jefferson! She currently works for a catering company by the name of Harris Catering located here in Buffalo, TOPS markets and Delaware North Sport Service. Dennise says, "I work so hard because I eventually want to be my own business owner! On April 1, 2016 my dreams came true as me and my mom Georgetta Lowe opened our own thrift shop Dennise's More 4 Less selling new and use products at 2234 Genesee St. corner of Fisher. I am also a member of a organization called 4 Quarters. We represent the change that we not only want to see in our community but in the world!" Keep pushin and being amazing Dennise!!

  • Meet April 12th's Winner, Brandy Lee!!

    Brandy considers herself one of the best stylist in Buffalo, working as one of only 3 elite stylist in the Seneca Niagara Casino! She's also in law school! Brandy says, "Being a foster care youth I knew early on I didn't want to follow in the path of my parents so dead set on giving my siblings a better life and a better role model! I am WNY's hardest working woman of the week because I never give up!" Keep pushin' Brandy!!

  • Meet April 5th's Winner, Jenae Moody!!

    Jenae is a very hard-working, dedicated single mother of two growing boys! Her youngest son, 3-year-old Justice, has a foot disability and they have been through so many surgeries. She also is mom to a 6 year old Juden. Jenae says, "I have maintained my own home since I became a mother at 18! I work so hard to pay those bills. I went and got my CNA and PCA certificate with hopes to open up my own business soon for children's entertainment." Keep reaching towards making your dreams a reality and keep representing for hard-working women!!

  • Meet March 29th's Winner, Rhonda Washington!!

    Rhonda is a teacher aide, who has been employed by Aspire of WNY (formerly UCPA) for 17yrs! She has the challenging job of working with children with disabilities. Rhonda says, "The children I work with have various disabilities- cerebral palsy, autism, down-syndrome, as well as social and emotional issues. To be in my field it takes a "lot "of patience. To be in this field of work you definitely have a caring with a big heart. I truly love my work. I get so much pleasure seeing my student accomplish one of their goals. They aren't just my students they are like a part of my family!!" We salute you for dedicating your life's work to helping children who are differently-abled become better!

  • Meet March 22nd's Winner, Michelle Lane!!

    Michelle is currently working full-time as a clinical behavior therapist for the dual diagnosed. She also works part-time in behavior analysis therapy with adolescents. Michelle is working on her PhD in marriage and family therapy! She says, "I am a single mom who is very active in my daughter's school. I volunteer for Girl Scouts, I provide behavior consulting to her charter school, and I'm apart the the parents association. I love helping people!" Keep reppin' for the hard-working women!!

  • Meet March 15th's Winner, Kaila Barnes!!

    Kaila Barnes is a 22-year-old, full-time Credit Manager at Rent-A-Center and a student at NCCC, who is majoring in Education. She says "I hope to be a high school English teacher! I work hard on a daily basis to take care of 3-year-old son and to help my 6 younger siblings! I will give my last to anyone who needs it!" Well today we give you praise Kaila! Keep reppin' for the hard-working women in WNY!!


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