Instacart is many on the go and/or lazy people (like Myself) best friend when it comes to shopping I can't take this one as a joke, I need them to come to an agreement or something.

We all know why the people strike. Its the age old fight for more money! They are planning a 3 day strike from November 3-5 to demand that the company restore its old tipping policies.We know they don't make much that is why you always tip will that was taking away as an option on Instacart and workers are mad and now demanding to raise the default tip amount set by the company from 5% to 10% per order.

Not only are they planning to just strike, they are also planning to mess with the actually system. Workers are planning to sign up for as many regular orders as possible and then cancel them, passing them onto the next worker. in hopes to keep passing thus backing up their system.

What do you think about this?

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