Hailing from Ohio, R&B singer Yalee recently released a new mixtape with a fitting title, ‘Remember My Name.'

In a hybrid of R&B, hip-hop and a little bit of pop, this crooner brings  some of the edge you see with artists like August Alsina combined with the rapping skills of a Chris Brown.

Yalee kicks off the project by letting women know how sexy they are with ‘Pretty Girl Dance.’ On an R&B mixtape, more singing is expected on the introduction song -- here, he's rapping on most of the track.

However, he this is a solid uptempo start to the project. “You n----s know what I mean / All these white girls on my team, so I have to give thanks to the dream of Martin Luther King," he raps. This is a track that can ring off in some strip clubs.

He shows of his singing skills with the sexy track, ‘Just a Little Bit.’ This is definitely going to be a favorite for females looking for a mood-setting track with its hard bass knocking ala Jeremih’s hit single, ‘I Like.’ Ladies, make sure you put this song on repeat as Yalee challenges you by saying, ‘We can go all night.’

Then he attempts a run at the pop charts with ‘Power Trip,’ ‘Full Moon Party’ and ‘You Should Know.’

‘Power Trip’ mixes some R&B with the trendy sounds of EDM and dubstep. Yalee prompts listeners to "show out, we’re on a power trip." On ‘You Should Know,’ this effort could easily feature Flo Rida rapping with Bruno Mars singing the hook.

‘Full Moon Party’ is something coming from Jason Derulo’s side of town. This effort is a jumpy, feel-good summer track as Yalee tells this special lady that she’s “every man’s dream.”

On a remix of Rihanna’s hit single, ‘Stay,’ Yalee impresses with his singing skills. He shows off some range as he pleads for his girl to stay with him. This kind of song really proves he has talent -- unfortunately, there's not more songs like this on the mixtape.

‘Remember my Name’ showcases Yalee as a versatile and talented artist. But with different tracks from ‘Just a Little Bit’ to ‘Full Moon Party’ to ‘Stay,’ it's hard to pinpoint the kind of artist he wants to be. Yet that could work to his benefit, eventually finding his way to both pop and hip-hop radio.


Listen to Yalee's 'Remember My Name' Mixtape