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Buffalo born LeAnthony Freeman's organization Y.A.L.E. Academy, Inc. has partnered with the City of Buffalo to become a worksite for Erie County Summer Youth. Y.A.L.E. Academy a subsidiary of Y.A.L.E. LLC was founded in 2012 and stands for Youth Acquiring Leadership & Excellence has curates programs centered around community, education and wellness. According to their website, "Y.A.L.E. Academy aspires to provide services and leadership at the global and national levels and believes in declining its services to no one." This summer, the youth organization has announced an 8-week Skilled Trades Research Apprenticeship Program (S.T.R.A.P.) which will educate and train 20 students aging from 14yrs old to 24yrs old. Y.A.L.E. Academy will facilitate program implementation out of the Downtown Library from July 11 - August 26.

Radio ReddRoxx sat down with CEO & Founder, LeAnthony Freeman to get some additional details about Y.A.L.E. Academy and S.T.R.A.P.;

ReddRoxx; Thank you for taking the time out to allow our listeners to learn more about you and your organization. To start, where were you born and raised?
LeAnthony Freeman: Born and raised in Buffalo, NY
RR: It's dope that you're pouring back into the community in which you were raised. What's the mission statement for your organization?
LF: Our mission statement is, "Restoration of the community by developing character, fostering consciousness, promoting wellness, and empowerment of adolescents and young adults"
RR: Amazing! What made you want to start an organization that's focused on youth development?
LF: The desire to construct a youth development program stemmed from my personal experiences. Intentionality is the missing component in our youth's matriculation. My mission was to ensure that my community's children receive the life skills, literacy, & resources as their counterparts.
RR: What's the greatest experience you've had so far since starting Y.A.L.E.
LF: Y.A.L.E. Academy was founded in 2016. Since then, I have had numerous amounts of memorable moments. When your work is your passion, every day is a great day. However, I must say the countless times I have run into a former student, and they engage with so much joy. The times in which my previous participants have reached out to me to request I attend their graduation or some other significant moment in their life. Moments as such produce so much joy internally; it is indescribable!
RR: I could imagine how amazing that feels! You're definitely on the right path when it comes to Y.A.L.E. Academy. What do you hope to accomplish with your summer program?
LF: The expectations with Y.A.L.E. Academy's Skilled Trades Research & Apprenticeship Program are to equip our students with leadership skills and financial literacy post injecting the participants into a career field that will counteract the high crime, murder, & poverty rates.
RR: That's very ambitious and I commend you for taking on such an important role in helping to bridge the gap amongst the youth in our community.  What are your future goals for Y.A.L.E.?
LF: Y.A.L.E. Academy's initial goal is to be based out of Buffalo, NY, to administer out of a facility of its own where we will provide services and leadership at both the national and international level while declining its services to no one.
To get more information about LeAnthony Freeman and Y.A.L.E. Academy please visit:
Instagram: @y.a.l.e.academy
Personal Instagram: @_ali_rasheed_
Facebook: YALE Academy, Inc
Personal Facebook: LeAnthony Freeman







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