Admit it, you're jealous.

An Australian man named Nev Sharp is the new owner of the world record for loudest burp after he belched a whopping 110.6 decibels. That's a mere 0.7 decibels more than the previous mark.

To give you an idea of just how loud we're talking about, 110 decibels is about the volume of a car horn, so if this guy ever finds himself cut off in traffic and has a horn that's broken he can just take a swig of Pepsi and -- bam! -- he'll let the person ahead of him just what he thinks of him.

What exactly Nev plans to do with the title of world's loudest burper remains to be seen (he may want to keep away from this fart-frightened pooch, though). Does he go on a publicity tour around the Outback guzzling Foster's while Men at Work's Business As Usual plays on a loop? Does he get a fellowship so he can teach undergrads the fundamentals of loud burping to take their keggers to the next level?

Like most people who excel at something important, there are just so many things he can do to share his infinite(ly loud) wisdom.

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