I’m sure we all have a special place in our hearts for Popeyes! You can never go wrong with their mouth-watering options. Not for this New York woman who smashed the window of her local Popeyes, and you won’t believe why! Sis got in her feelings because they wouldn’t serve her what she wanted, a special from Wendy’s!

Sis wanted that 4 for 4

A Popeyes employee, who wished to remain anonymous, told NBC-4 that the woman had one too many drinks and was pissed because her $4 Wicked Good Deal didn’t come with a drink. The employees believed that she was thinking about a deal that Wendy’s has but she was too angry to listen to them.

New York Police Department said the woman

“harassed the restaurant’s staff about her meal before she used a chair to break a glass window. The individual fled the scene inside of a dark colored sedan in an unknown direction.”

You gotta see the dance at the end of the video though lol

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