A woman in Tennessee and her organization may soon be under investigation by the Feds following a local news report.

According to reports, Alisa R. Harris was able to obtain minster ordainment and then tax status as a church although the address for Harris’ "church" was at an old apartment complex she lived in. Through her organization she recruited “crackheads,” “pimps,” “prostitutes,” etc. to call and scam people for donations.

On top of all that, Harris also used the government name of Percy Miller aka “Master P”, to promote her organization via her website which includes several music videos from Corey “C. Murder” Miller, Master P’s brother. She even created a foundation without ever contacting Master P or C. Murder.

Master P stated that it's crazy “just to have someone use your name and don’t know you, It’s not even fair...I have never met her and don’t know who she is. My brother’s incarcerated why would he know her? She needs to be stopped.”

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