Rappers are known for their wild lyrics and even admit to all sorts of illegal activity in their songs, from drug use to gang banging and even murder. But while some artists are all talk, others are the real deal and reveal facts of gruesome horror stories, whether it's personal or from a member of their entourage.

We've seen it happen before; a rapper rhymes about bustin' guns, carrying work or killing someone -- Ra Diggs is a prime example -- and they're arrested for living a lifestyle they claim in their songs. "Alotta p---- n----s talk like broads love runnin' they mouth / But then turn and run in they house / Put the gun in they mouth, tell a n---- talk s--- now / You think they know the gun go pow / I ain't scared of the law," T.I. raps on his 2007 track "Hurt." Now, Tip never killed anyone, but lines like that prove at one time he was more a menace than the sweet rapper we know from reality TV.

But what happens when rappers actually decide to kill someone? Sometimes a promising rap career, fame and -- if all goes well -- fortune, isn't enough for them to leave the street life behind. And in an even worse scenario, they're just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Boombox dug deep to find 10 Rappers Who Have Killed People. Check out the gallery above to see which rhymers have committed the cardinal sin, why and where they are now.

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