Time's are ruff for a lot of people. People are really suffering from hardships especially doing the holidays. One program people could always lean on for help was Toys for Tot's but this year, its even ruff for them.

The Toys for Tots program across Chautauqua County is having a difficult time helping out all the family who need toys. This year, there are 3,000 children on their list, up 400 from last season.


Terri Johnson of The Resource Center has helped manage "toy central" in  for the last 18 years.

"We need toys,” Johnson said. “We have come to a situation where we are not able to fill all of our orders." Johnson also goes to say that there are still 1,200 orders to fill, with only enough toys for 200, leaving 1000 children without anything to open Christmas morning.

Donations are really down this year for Toys for Tots with fewer toys being placed in the hundreds of collection boxes across the community. Toys will be collected for all age groups until December 20. If you have a chance to donate a Toy, please do and make a kids Christmas a happy one.

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