A Western New York police officer has been suspended, pending an investigation into an incident at Planned Parenthood.

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The incident happened Friday, August 14, in West Seneca with an officer from the West Seneca Police Department, according to WKBW. The Department is not releasing information about the incident, but it happened at the Planned Parenthood clinic in West Seneca. According to the Buffalo News, a social media posting stated that the officer believed his partner was receiving services at the clinic and kicked in the door.

"An officer with the West Seneca Police Department responded to the call and, upon seeing a Black Lives Matter sign in our window, asked if the sign belonged to PPCWNY (Planned Parenthood of Central and Western New York). When staff confirmed the sign was ours, this officer proceeded to berate our staff and left after refusing to respond to the call.” ~ Unnamed Planned Parenthood staff member via Buffalo News

The Department released a statement, addressing the issue, on its Facebook page,

"We have been in contact with the Administrative Staff from Planned Parenthood and are conducting a joint investigation into incident and allegations made regarding the demeanor of an officer who responded to the situation. The officer in question has been suspended from duty pending the outcome of this investigation." ~ West Seneca Police Department via WKBW

Debora McDell-Hernandez, the Senior Director of Public and Community Affairs for Planned Parenthood of Central and Western New York told WKBW,

"We have been in communication with the appropriate officials from West Seneca police department and at this point in time we are satisfied with their swift disciplinary action.”

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