A WNY gym owner, who defied Governor Cuomo's executive order and opened his gym, was threatened with arrest.

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Robby Dinero reopened Athletes Unleashed gym, even though gyms are not permitted to open during phase one, according to WGRZ. The gym is located in Orchard Park.

“It’s more about freedom. Our rights are protected by the first amendment, which includes our right to assemble, and my 14th amendment right to due process, as well as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” ~ Robby Dinero via WGRZ

Dinero advertised classes on Facebook.  On Monday morning, police showed up at his gym, prior to when the first class was supposed to be held.  Since there was no one at the gym, they left.  Dinero chose to continue and held a class of four people inside the building.  There were five other people training outside.

Dinero said that before the second class he had scheduled at 4:30, a building inspector and chief code enforcement officer showed up at the gym at 2 pm.  They called police to the scene, who threatened Dinero with arrest for violating the NY Pause executive order.  He was also told that he could lose his  certificate of occupancy.


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