Sounds like someone got a little sick of whipping her hair. Willow Smith debuted a new cropped ‘do — the starlet completely shaved her head!

The ‘Fireball‘ singer showed off her new look for the first time on Jan. 27, when she tweeted a photo of herself in a dance studio and ballet slippers. Since then, she’s given fans and followers a closer look at her buzz, which shows off her features and really brings out her resemblance to big brother Jaden.

This is far from the first time Willow’s taken a style risk. The famously fearless 11 year old has rocked short hair for a while, but usually as an asymmetrical cut with a few long strands in front.

Could Will and Jada’s little girl be growing up? Quite possibly. In December, when asked if her ‘Whip My Hair’ style was going to stick with her throughout her career, Willow hinted that she’d steer away from it eventually. ”Five years from now I’ll probably be doing more alternative,” Smith revealed. “Kind of let go of the pop and kind of grow into more deep realm of art.”

Which isn’t to say she doesn’t love her breakout hit any less. “I’m not really sick of people whipping their hair. It doesn’t really get old,” Willow said. “They’re fans and I love them! It’s just a fun game to play.” Looks like that game just got harder!


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