There CEO is a young dude in his late thirty's his name is Daniel Schwartz and he is know for saving the brands identity and profits within the past couple years. He continues to deliver out the box, food products just like this one Buger king just announced today. This is the scariest burger ever created and its a Halloween Whopped named the "Nightmare King". This is a green bun sandwich with a burger, chicken patty plus bacon  and this thing does look scary.



According to the New York Daily News, Burger King teamed up with Florida Sleep & Neuro Diagnostic Services, Inc. to conduct a study about the effects of the new sandwich.

"The research tracked the brain activity of 100 participants over 10 nights. Turns out the people who ate the Halloween burger before going to bad had 3.5 times more nightmares than the average person."

The Nightmare King is out now and I think this is a little to scary for me to eat but you might like it ENJOY. Check out what the Halloween Whopper looks like below.


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