The guy who allegedly grabbed Josh Allen's crotch in Sunday's game against the Miami Dolphins has been caught doing it before.

You may have seen the game on Sunday when the Bills were taking on the Dolphins.  At one point, Josh Allen got a pretty costly personal foul penalty for ripping the helmet off of Dolphins player Christian Wilkins.  It wasn't pretty.

You can then see Allen gesturing to the ref as though to say he had been a place that you don't need to touch to tackle someone.

If that's what happened, then the guy is lucky that that's all that happened to him at the bottom of that pile.  He was asked about it after the game but refused to say exactly what happened.  His response was, "Josh is a competitor, I'm a competitor, the game is on the line going back and forth...that's just how it is between division rivals know...alpha males, that's just how it goes."

Here's the thing...that's not the first time it's happened with Christian Wilkins.  When Wilkins was playing in college at Clemson, fans were furious with him over a similar play where you can clearly see him grabbing the crotch of another player.


So there are a couple questions here that are begging to be answered.

1) What's the deal with this guy grabbing crotches?  How many more incidents of this have there been?

2) Is anything going to be done about it?

When it happened in Clemson, people were screaming that it wasn't just a penalty but that it should be considered sexual assault.  It's hard to argue against that if that's what's clearly happening.  Where does the line get drawn?

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