If your New Year's Resolution was to find a better job, there's a chance it's not because you don't like your current job...but, more likely, it's because you're not being treated well.

An eye-opening article was recently posted, and might be worth it for all managers, HR professionals, and even those considering leaving their current jobs to take a closer look.

While management typically blames high turnover rates on anything and everything else, this article -- written by Dr. Travis Bradberry, #1 best-selling author and president of TalentSmart -- shows they often fail to recognize the 9 most-common reasons good employees really leave.

  • They Overwork Employees

    Burnout happens pretty quickly when people are overworked, but it's also counterproductive.  Boss's can work their best people because they know they're talented...but research shows productivity declines sharply.  At the same time, if you increase how much you work your best employees, you better increase their pay or status as well.  If not, they'll seek it all elsewhere.

  • They Don't Recognize or Reward

    A pat on the back seems so simple, yet it's so underestimated.  Finding out what motivates staff is key too.  For some, it's money. For others, it's simple, public recognition.

  • They Don't Care

    Over HALF of those who quit, did so because of their relationship with their boss.  A boss who doesn't care = a boss with enormous turnover.  Period.

  • They Don't Follow Through

    When you're the boss and make a promise, and uphold the commitment, you grow in the eyes of the employees.  But when you blow it off, you're viewed as slimy, uncaring, and disrespectful.  If the boss doesn't honor commitments, why should anyone else?

  • They Hire/Promote The Wrong People

    You work your tail off, and want to work with like-minded pro's.  When boss's hire those without similar drive to work alongside you, it's a major de-motivator.  Even worse, seeing someone else who rode your coat-tails get a promotion...is a massive insult.

  • They Don't Acknowledge Passion

    If you're a talented employee, you're passionate.  If you have a chance to pursue that passion at work, your productivity and satisfaction skyrocket.  But if you're forced to stay inside a tiny box, you leave.

  • They Don't Develop People's Skills

    Good managers MANAGE.  They pay attention, listen to AND give feedback.  They also keep finding areas to improve and expand a good employee's skill set.  Employees get bored and complacent, and jet.

  • They Don't Encourage Creativity

    The best employee wants to improve everything they are involved with.  Take away their ability to change/improve....and they begin to hate their jobs.  It limits them, and therefore, limits the manager.

  • They Don't Challenge People

    Great bosses encourage their best employees to reach for the unattainable.  It pushes them out of their comfort zones.  Good managers do ANYTHING to help employees succeed.  If things become too easy or boring, they will seek more challenging opportunities.

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