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They have to be the best-looking suspects I've ever seen!  The West Seneca Police Department tweeted that one "rolled over" on the other for a treat (who's a good boy),

These two were apprehended Tops on Harlem Road attempting to shoplift from the produce section. The first one isn't talking but the other rolled over after one biscuit.

The handsome pair were apprehended inside the Tops Friendly Market on Harlem Road in West Seneca.  It sounds fishy, but apparently, they were shoplifting from the produce section, according to authorities. I swear I would have suspected them of thieving from the meat section, but maybe broccoli is their thing.

WIVB reports that it's not known how the doggos got the to store.  Maybe it was a walk-gone-wild.  The former good boys were released to their owner on their own recognizance.

I know they are guilty, but they look so innocent.  I say a boop on the nose is sufficient punishment for their rendezvous. I mean it is cold and snowy out, they probably just wanted to go for a "W" in the warmth and comfort of their local Tops Friendly Market.  Who can blame them? I'm sure they made the day of the employees who had to chase them down.

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