Today on the Afternoon show, we debuted a brand new single "Special Delivery" by Bridget Kelly. But who the heck is that? Find out inside.

According to

Born and raised in the neighborhood of Chelsea in New York City, Bridget Kelly lives in the epicenter of fashion, theater and art, but music is where she found her home.

She started off writing songs on her Blackberry and performing at open mic shows in clubs around downtown NYC. In 2008 BK's management landed a once in a lifetime meeting with Roc Nation’s A&R team. She was signed to her first major recording and publishing deal. When asked what she would most like to accomplish as an artist, the 23-year-old budding star confidently states:

“I hope to touch someone’s life through my writing or my voice, even if it’s just one person. I’ve always found music to be the most effective means for people to relate to one another, so if what I write and sing about is relatable to people, I’ll be successful.”

BK is currently working on her debut album with a vastly creative group of producers and musicians. Her first single is already spinning on WBLK.

Check out Jay Z ft Bridget Kelly performing at Coachella Valley Fest.

Now do you understand why Jigga man signed her to Roc Nation ?!
He was able to find a artist that can deliver on one of NYC favorite anthems. I think she held it down for Alicia Keys and Buffalo had a chance to experience her for the first time live at UB center of the arts.

Click here to download her EP which includes "Thinkin Bout Forever" and the drunk texting anthem "In The Morning"!

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