A whiskey company in New York is being blamed for an invasive black fungus that has spread to businesses, houses, and the environment. The problem seems to be a well-known, industry-wide issue.

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What Is Baudoinia Compniacensis?

New York State regulators confirmed that Whiskey fungus, or Baudoinia compniacensis, is in Adirondack Park, according to Adirondack Explorer.

WKRN News 2 via Youtube
WKRN News 2 via Youtube

Baudoinia compniacensis is a sac fungus which has been observed on a variety of substrates in the vicinity of distilleries, spirits maturation facilities, bonded warehouses, and bakeries. The fungus is a habitat colonist with a preference for airborne alcohol, earning it the nickname whiskey fungus.


Is WhistlePig Whiskey To Blame For Black Fungus In Small NY Town?

Residents of Grover Hills, a neighborhood in the hamlet of Mineville, seem to believe that WhistlePig Whiskey is to blame for the black fungus. They are pointing the finger at WhistlePig Whiskey's almost 100,000 square feet of barrelhouses in their community.

Moriah Ventures/WhistlePigs Whiskey is located at 52 Tom Phelps Road in Mineville, New York. The company moved into the small town in 2016 when it purchased land from the Essex County Industrial Development Agency. WhistlePig has seven 14,000-square-foot warehouses and one 14,000-square-foot bottling plant.

Thomas Scozzafava, Moriah Town Supervisor, said,

Some things you’re going to have to live with. But I agree with the homeowners. If I was next door, I would expect something.


Google Maps
Google Maps

People in a small Tennessee town where Jack Daniels is produced have been dealing with the same fungus.

Credit: WKRN News 2 via Youtube

WhistlePig said it would consider cleaning some homes, but it says that not all of the whiskey fungus is from its operations.

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