“What’s On Your Mind/Express Yourself” Today On Know Thyself Community Wednesday


When I opened up the phone lines today asking you what we should talk about on this “Know Thyself Community Wednesday”, you did not hesitate to call with your suggestions.

My first call was from a gentleman who said: “are the Republicans setting us up with Herman Cain to possibly split the vote amongst black voters to take away from Barack?”

The next call from Ebony was very interesting and I could hear the frustration in her voice when she said: “why are so many black men involving themselves in interracial relationships when there are so many good black women available in our community. With high levels of incarceration, homosexuality, killings and now the dating patterns of our men, me and friends are very discouraged in what we are seeing and experiencing and I would just like to hear what the community thinks about this”. Now this comment really got a few folks blood boiling!

We received a number of different calls on different subjects for discussion today, so we just decided to just allow you to express yourselves with whatever is on your mind on this “Know Thyself Community Wednesday”.

Hotep Fam!