Once again this week, we are giving you a chance to talk about whatever is on your mind on this “Know Thyself Community Wednesday”.

One of the big topics in the city right now is the Buffalo School Board deciding on a superintendent after interviewing three candidates two of which are from out of state.

Ali Mohamed Mohamud, the security guard accused of beating his stepson to death plead not guilty in court on Tuesday—what!

In the state, governor Cuomo proposes loosing marijuana laws which have a lot to do with “stop-and-frisk” practices the police departments (especially New York City police) around the state.

Then there are the national stories that have been consuming us all from the revocation of the bail of George Zimmerman for lying about his financial records to so called Zombies eating folks.

What is are some of the pressing issues on your mind that you would like to get off your chest today? Let us know by leaving your comments and we will be sure to read them over the air.

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