Every year during the Thanksgiving season I ask this question of just about everyone I know, so you know this year is not going to be any different.

Now, I personally don't celebrate Thanksgiving. I haven't celebrated this holiday for quite a few years. You know I could go into all the different reasons about why you should be thankful year round and show your family love erryday and not just before that big ole meal is served. How about the fact that people are homeless all year and not just during the holidays. Or I could talk about this holiday is just the continued celebration of hell-day for lots of folks - but nah...

All of that however does not stop me from being thankful. So, what am I thankful for? Being able to watch my sons grow into men is paramount. I'm thankful for being able to pursue Life, Liberty & Happiness. I'm really thankful we don't have fiddy-elem feet of snow on the ground (last year). I could keep going, because I got plenty, but I think you get the point.

So, there you have it about me; but what about you? I'm mad nosey so: What Are You Thankful For? Drop your answer in the comments.

It's #Thanksgiving Day, so you know I was gonna ask... What Are You Thankful For? I'll read some of your comments...

Posted by 93.7 WBLK - The People's Station on Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Holidays.