Just about everyone uses it…at least once a day…don’t worry millions of people suffer from the same Facebook addiction I’m sure many of you do, but how much do you really know about Facebook? I found this article on CNN.com that shared some interesting statistics about the social networking site that plays such a large role in our lives today.

1.)    21% of people are willing to use Facebook to end a relationship

So I’m pretty sure most young people at least know the damaging effects Facebook can have on relationships lol, but now it creates a whole new convenience factor in the sticky break up situations.  Too scared to do it in person? Too whoosy for even a text message? It’s cool, change your relationship status and wait for the comments to roll in…they’ll figure it out.

2.)    48% of people say they look at their ex’s profile too much

Focusing back on relationships; breaking up can be hard to do, but now that you can see almost every move your ex makes, breaking up has gotten a little harder. Nearly half the Facebook population admits to ‘stalking out’ their ex and even admit that they do it far too often. Careful all you nosy ex’s there’s apps out there now that allow you to see who views your profile and how often so your cover may be blown soon…move on, and make sure you tag that new picture of you and that guy you  met at the bar last night!

3.)    People in Facebook relationships are happier than single people

In February of 2010 Facebook used Valentine’s Day to launch a research project relating user’s relationship statues to their overall happiness. They measured the happiness by the level of positive or negative feelings in their status updates. Results showed that those in relationships were slightly happier than single people. They also found that those listed in an “open relationship” were significantly less happy than single people.

4.)    Facebook links about sex are shared 90% more than average

Facebook is yet another confirmation that in our society it is clear that SEX SELLS. In a study stretching from February to May of 2010, in the 12,000 links to news sites and blogs that were analyzed from Facebook he found that 90% were sex related. It was also found that in the links shared the large majority of them were links to positive feelings about sex as opposed to negative.

5.)    36% of under “35’s” check Facebook, Twitter or texts after sex

Ya know, I knew people were obsessed with social networking sites, but to get up after some love making to check notifications…weird…

6.)    85% of women are annoyed by their Facebook friends

As a woman myself, even I can admit we tend to be some of the most dramatic creatures on the planet. As if there wasn’t enough room for drama and complaining in the normal lives of women, add in a gossip driven social networking site…perfect. The most sited annoyance by woman was the fact that there is so much ‘complaining’ on Facebook. Other annoyances included ‘sharing unsolicited political views’ and ‘bragging about seemingly perfect lives.’

7.)    47% of Facebook users have profanity on their walls

It’s crazy how quickly people forget that everything they post on Facebook is PUBLIC, so next time you want to post that dirty status or cuss someone out via wall post, remember your dirty mouth will be reflected to all the millions of users out there…clean it up your boss WILL look at your profile…and your mom might too.

8.)    56% of Americans believe it’s NOT a good decision to friend your boss on Facebook

Although I’m a firm believer in the idea that what you do outside of work is irrelevant to your work life, more than half the Facebook population believe that their personal life is none of their boss’ business.

9.)    48% of parents friend their kids on Facebook

Many young people put things out on Facebook that they would never put out at the dinner table and that has created a whole new set of problems for parents to stress about. Almost half of all parents attempt to ‘friend’ their kids and stay updated in their posts,  but I would love to see the percentage of children who also deny their parents requests hmmmm….

10.) 25% of households with a Facebook account don’t use privacy controls

A lot of people complain about their information being shared on Facebook yet these same whiners don’t use their privacy settings! Nearly a quarter of Facebook users don’t utilize the controls, leaving their information public and allowing their children to openly view all pages.