A lot of the time you will hear me on the radio talking about how I DON'T LIKE RAPPERS, but I love MC's. I know that probably confuses a lot of people but there is a big difference between a rapper and a MC. If you don't know the difference we are going to need for you to google hip hop and start taking notes with a pen and paper. For my advance Hip Hoppers I present to you one of the best songs i've heard in a minute which happened to come across my facebook stream L.D.M. is really doing his thing check out What Makes a Real MC.

This is for all the aspiring rappers trying to get their styles together. Class is in Session! From L.D.M's street album "Leader of Da Movement" Check the single "Kickdrum" today on itunes, amazon mp3, and other major digital retailers. For more info check http://www.mrmasterpiece.us