This poor fella's decision to urinate in between two cars was met with instant karma.

After this rather inebriated fella finished doing his business, he slipped and landed right in the puddle of his urine.

Thankfully, someone with a twisted sense of humor who enjoyed watching the incident unfold was not only on hand to record it, but to post it online for the rest of the world to view.

Yes, it's sadistic to laugh, but, come on, you know you're doing it, too. There's just something wrong with falling into a pool of pee, right? Not that it happened, but that it happened in broad daylight. This should only happen after the sun goes down, you've had one (or two...or three) too many and can't tell a men's room from a Ford bumper. That's what late night drinking stories are made of.

But having this happen while the sun was up adds a layer of embarrassment no one really needs. Moral of the story: if you're hammered, you may be better off peeing in your pants.

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