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Westside Gunn announced that his flagship "Buffalo Kids" store will open here in a month. Gunn said via Instagram that the store will be an "art gallery" and will include apparel, music, art, and more, including,

Rebirth, 4th Rope, Classic OG shirts, Toys, Original ART Pieces, Kids clothes, Music, Vinyls, Magazines etc.

Westside Gunn's'Buffalo Kids' brand, which has been available online, will soon have a new home in the Walden Galleria. Gunn told WIVB that it's been a dream of his to have his brand in the mall,

Posted outside the Illest Boutique ART gallery my city has ever seen, ppl know my love for ART and seen videos and read articles on my million dollar Art penthouse “ALLBRIGHT” out in PHX but now I’m bringing my vision in the main part of the @waldengalleria Mall conveniently next to Starbucks and Footlocker... GRAND opening will be next month, I’ve Always dreamt of my Flagship store and I worked so hard for this, even the mall said they never seen anything like this.. everything designed by myself and team, a place where celebrities will frequently fly in just to experience Buffalo Culture, FLYGOD x NIKE will be Avail.

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The store will carry 'Buffalo Kids' apparel, including hoodies, t-shirts, and more. It will also serve as a venue for meet-n-greets and other special events. No grand opening date has been announced yet, but it looks like progress is underway. In the meantime, you can check out Gunn's online 'Buffalo Kids' store, but at the moment it appears everything is sold out.

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