Thanks to one persistent local, we might know when our favorite Buffalo blue cheese will finally be back in stock. 

Buffalo’s own Rootie’s Famous Gourmet Blue Cheese has been MIA from supermarkets for months.  Frustrated wing lovers all over Western New York have resorted to hoarding bottles of it the rare times their local store has it on their shelves. Some have even (GASP) switched blue cheese brands just to make sure their wings aren’t completely naked this summer. There has even been some speculation out there that the Rootie’s company might not be doing well financially (a heartbreaking fact for many local businesses after the pandemic), leaving many to wonder if they’d ever get their hands on their precious Rootie’s blue cheese again.

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Well, it looks like one Buffalonian had enough of the maddening search and decided to give Rootie’s corporate headquarters a call.

Here’s what they posted on the Buffalo Subreddit:


If what this Redditor posted is actually true, you’ve got to admire their guts for taking the initiative to pick up the phone and call the company directly, instead of just complaining about it online. Props to Rootie’s as well, for giving us the information we needed to ease our anxiety. 

Could this be considered a little “Karen”-esque? Some might see it that way. But most hungry New Yorkers are grateful that this person went out of their way to get to the bottom of this mystery and reassure us that our Rootie’s blue cheese will be back in our lives and on our wings soon.

Thank you, brave Redditor. Western New York can sleep a little better tonight knowing our fourth of July will be filled with blue skies and our Rootie’s blue cheese.

Go Bills!

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