What is it with the BLACK FIST? The Peace Sign is Cool, Thumbs Up is acceptable, the there's the High-Five, Fist Bump, Crazy Hand Shakes .. BUT A BLACK FIST?  Is that the Black Fist expresses TOO MUCH STRENGTH...and... IT'S INTIMIDATING?

Well, for whatever reason, the Black Fist has this negative stigma attached to it ... it has this *BEWARE* Stigma attached to it.  Ironically however; this IMAGE has been associated with FEAR by a group of people who the symbol isn't meant for whatsoever. Holding up a Fist is a POWERFUL EXPRESSION...but if your BLACK...your name seems to quickly change to Tommy Smith or John Carlos!

There's an uproar...withing certain circles ...AND...AN INVESTIGATION, on the West Point Academy Campus, after a group of Black Female Cadets took a series of pictures...one picture in which they DID THE UNTHINKABLE...THEY HELD UP THEIR FISTS ... which so happened to be Black Fists because they are Black ...had they been White Fists would there be an INVESTIGATION?????   What would there be to "investigate"...actually the same question applies to the Black Fists.

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