Power 93.7 WBLK will be playing 2Pac at the top of every hour on the hour. Make sure to check out the Pac@NoonMix with Dj Hassan. Plus Dj Wire will be mixing  your favorite 2Pac joints at 5pm. 

It was this date on 1996 that Pac was taken away from us. A real Hip Hop Legend. I remember being at home and it was a Friday. We had a half of day at school (Workplaces need to have those randomly) and when I walked into the house, the report ran on the news, that 2pac had died. I just remember grabbing all my Pac Cd's and played them all day. Everyone in the neighbor hood, linked up at the park that evening and we listened to his music all evening long.

Check out some of Pac's biggest videos below.



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