There's a new choice in the city of Buffalo when it comes to choosing a funeral home to care for your loved ones. While we may not want to think about needing post-mortem services, the need still remains. When someone passes, it's a very sensitive and highly emotional time for many families, which is why your choice in whom handles your family's funeral arrangements, matters. Amongst all the businesses that's opened their doors in 2023, United Faith Funeral Services is the only one of its kind to do so in the city of Buffalo this year.

According to the funeral home industry's market size was approximately $19.2 billion with only a small percentage of that sector belonging to minority owned funeral homes. Why are black funeral homes important? To honor the legacies and properly handle cultural traditions of the deceased. No one understands the needs of a culture like those in the culture itself, but just being black owned is not enough. Other important things to consider is experience, pricing and care which is why United Faith Funeral Services is unique because even though their name is new to the community, its owner is a veteran of the industry for over 20 years.

Meet Rinaldo Moss. Some interesting fact about the owner and Lead Funeral Director is he's also Veteran of the United States Army. He's worked for some of the largest and most prestigious funeral homes in the area after graduating with a Mortuary Sciences degree form SUNY Canton. He's a devoted father and servant of his community.  When asked why someone should choose United Faith Funeral Services he stated,

“We will provide respectful and affordable funeral, cremation and memorial services in a comfortable environment while always striving to exceed the expectations of each family we serve.” - Rinaldo R. Moss

Although the Buffalo community has several choices in Funeral Homes, there's only a few minority options which makes it reassuring to know that when the time arises there's another to consider. United Faith Funeral Services is now open providing funeral, cremation and memorial services to the Buffalo community & surrounding areas located at 1122 E. Love Joy Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14215.Visit for more information and you can also follow United Funeral Services on Instagram as well.

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