Welcome back to NewTube Thursday! While other websites focus on throwbacks, we present to you all the hot NEW music videos including the sexy visual featuring a shirtless USHER!


Usher- “Good Kisser”

Usher is a “Good Kisser” and in this new video release he reminds fans that he’s still one of the best in the game. The futuristic ensemble shows the Tennessee singer in his element by doing what he does best (SHIRTLESS) . Mastering the art of seduction through music, visual rhetoric and a natural knack for making fans say, “OMG”. Check out the video and let us know how you feel below.

Rick Ross- “Thug’s Cry”

This video is more like a made for TV drama like the "Wire" as we witness life of a an inmate going through some things. The question is "Do thugs cry"? Find out. Watch this Dre Film!

2 Chains- “Trap Back”

2 Chains has released a video for his single, “Trap Back”. The single is the first song that will appear on the Freebase EP. The black and white ensemble takes fans back to the cool days of riding bikes through LA, with a button down short. However, the real question arises after we try to examine what 2 Chains has on towards the end of the video. We can seem to make it out, but it kind of looks like a skort (half shorts- half skirt). Who knows…

Diggy – “My Girl” featuring Trevor Jackson

Diggy is 19, and is making a name for the new generation Simmons family.  At WBLK it brings us joy to see young artist maturing in the game, and in the case of Diggy becoming respectable artist in rap music. At the end of the day that’s what this all about as the reputation of an artist if null without the respect of his fan base.

Vado – “My Bae” featuring Jeremih
Here's another joint you heard first inside the #JazzyDriveAt5 mixshow with DJ Heat. “Ambitious, I am vicious” said Vado in his new single, “My Bae” feat Jeremih. The catchy song takes place in the heart of Harlem, New York and will have you singing at the top of lung as though no one is watching. “Your my baeeee”, sings Jeremih. The video begins with a round table conversation which discusses the importance of loyalty through Vado’s day one girl. After having an epiphany the story begins. The video also features a guest appearance by Dj Khaled.

50 Cent – “Irregular Heartbeat” feat Jada Kiss, Kidd Kidd

The countdown continues for 50’s album, “Animal Ambition” which will be released on June 3rd. He recently collaborated with Jadakiss and Kidd Kidd for his latest project, “Irregular Heartbeat”. The video reminds us of a slight replication of the singles, “A little bit” and, “Many Men” which includes a very simplistic beat, mellow tone and repetitive bars. Yet, we’re still able to appreciate the gritty Queens City aura. By the end of the song you’ll be nodding your head, and saying “I can feel your heartbeat”. Nevertheless, the visuals are supported by the use of graffiti in New York City, and most of the video appears to take place within a warehouse.

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