There are so many talented artists right here in Buffalo and WNY, which is why I started The Queen City Come Up! I want to show love to artists you may already know about and introduce you artists that you may not know about yet! If you’re an artist, watch The Queen City Come Up to find out how to be featured!

The Royal Kings are a young group of artists out of Buffalo, Ny. They record and mix their own music, and all artist are 19 years old and grew up together. The members of the group are Zay Weeks, LBs, Ant Cannon, & Jav Delgado. One of their main goals is to help give Buffalo a name and an outlet for the Queen City. We have released a collective of songs on iTunes, Spotify, & Apple Music, & Soundcloud. Expect to see the Royal Kings debut project in the first quarter (January), and a Coast to Coast performance in ATL this upcoming February.

Zay Weeks @Its_isiah20
LBs @lbdeez
Ant Cannon @YES_ITS_CANNON/ @yesitscannon3
Jav Delgado @javi_allday23/ @that_boy97

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