Yasmin Young had a chance to speak with Deon & Karen Derrico, who are the stars of the new show 'Doubling Down with the Derricos.'

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Deon & Karen Derrico take us with them as they navigate life with 14 children! Their new show is on TLC. You can catch a new episode tonight at 10 pm.

"Deon & Karen Derrico always wanted a big family, but never imagined what would come next. Karen gave birth to four sets of multiples, back-to-back, all naturally conceived, remarkably. That’s two single babies, followed by twins, then a set of quintuplets, another pair of twins and triplets on the way. 14 babies from six pregnancies. According to Deon, it’s like getting struck by lightning… while you’re getting struck by lightning.” ~ Press release


Credit: TLC

The show gives viewers a chance to follow along as the family grows. Karen has been pregnant six times. The Derricos are parents of multiple multiples, which were all conceived naturally. When I spoke to them, they said they are blessed, but that running their family is a production. They did say that sometimes it is difficult to tell which child is which. I can only imagine how much work it takes for them to manage their family each day, but I know they are blessed to have so many healthy children.

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