On the fourth episode of Buffalo Alive, Yasmin Young and JSteel go ice skating, Michael (an unofficial pro skater) gives tips on hwo to skate and do tricks without butting your butt! Plus, find out which barbershop was voted the Best in Buffalo by you! Babie Gurl spits a liltle something something, and Yasmin gives you an exclusive look at Buffalo State's historic fashion collection.

Also, check out some of Buffalo's talented young people in between segments! We want Buffalo Alive to represent US in Buffalo! What a time to B. Alive!

Time markers for each segment are below (if you want to watch a specific segment just click on the beginning time and it will take you right to the segment):

  • Babie Gurl's Hot 16 - 0:39 - 1:41
  • Ice Skating - 2:02 - 6:00
  • Historic Fashion - 6:15 - 9:33
  • Best Barbershops - 10:18 - 13:34

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