My big homie DJ Supreme used to do something call "The Big Dummy Files" and I'm sure rapper Waka Flocka Flame and his new reality star wife might have been nominees. Tensions reached an all-time high on the set of the Love & Hip ATL reunion and Tammy Rivera, Waka's wife, took to twitter after the episode aired to address her ponytail being ripped off during a physical altercation with Joseline Hernandez.

But that's not it! She literally took shots at her haters by posting a candid photo of her hubby pointing a gun into the camera while sitting pretty by his side, announcing Waka's return home from his tour. According to a recent report, the photo might land Waka in some major trouble...

Via Music Times reports:

Stevie J’s beef began with Benzino but Joseline took the opportunity to also target Tammy Rivera, the wife of rapper Waka Flocka Flame. I think we all knew that the real battle was just beginning after security restrained Joseline and Tammy made peace with the fact that her pony tail had been ripped off of her head. The taping may have wrapped up weeks ago but the hostility continues. At the time of the reunion Waka was on tour but apparently didn’t appreciate his new wife being violently targeted and just yesterday Tammy posted a photo letting everyone know that her man is back home.

The problem—and it’s a really big problem—is that in the candid shot Waka is seen holding a gun. Having any kind of weapons in his possession is in direct violation of Waka’s current probation terms. After the photo went viral yesterday it didn’t take long before someone tipped off the Feds and we’re hearing that they have already been in touch with the rappers attorney. Clearly this started off as a grudge match between Rivera and Hernandez but now it looks like the real loser could easily be Waka Flocka Flame. A probation violation could be a slam dunk because there is solid proof that Waka had a weapon in his possession.

I think this is one of those instances when keeping it real goes wrong! If taken seriously Waka can be found in violation of his probation which could land him back in jail. Do you think they're both equally responsible for the pic being posted?

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