We just recently hosted our town hall discussing youth violence and how we can all help prevent it. The community leaders that spoke during the town hall all pretty much agree that youth need outlets, parenting, and options of productive things to do. It's something we need to work diligently on, as we are losing too many people to criminal activity.

New York State has seven indexes for crimes, including violent crimes - murder, rape, robbery, motor vehicle theft, burglary, aggravated assault, and larceny. Unfortunately, New York City does not report its juvenile crime statistics to the Division of Criminal Justice Services. Outside of NYC, 8,804 violent crimes were perpetrated by young offenders according to the most recent data. Crimes such as arson, possession of dangerous weapons, or simple assault were not included in the totals. The data does include incidents that were reported whether or not charges were filed,

This data is not limited to a court or formal arrest actions. Data includes both formal arrests and police contacts with juveniles where there is probable cause that an offense was committed but no formal charges were filed.

In New York, Youth offenders are under the age of 18. New York State has definitely been putting money behind stopping gun violence, which has been affecting young people all around the state.

These are the 6 counties and cities with the most violent crimes perpetrated by youth:

6 New York Counties Have Most Violent Young Criminals

Below is a breakdown of each of the violent crime index totals for each county:

CountyYearMurderRapeRobberyAgg. AssaultBurglaryLarcenyMV TheftIndex Total


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