Last June, protestor Martin Gugino walked up to police as they were trying to clear out protestors during a demonstration, touched one officer with appears to be his cell phone and then he was shoved to the ground. Gugino was laying outside of City Hall bleeding where he eventually spent time in the hospital.

The incident was polarizing and has the public defending both sides not just in Western New York, but all across the United States.

Two officers, Aaron Torgalski and Robert McCabe were charged with assault, but were dismissed by a Grand Jury earlier this year. According to WIVB:

I was standing up and going towards them because they had their batons out and I’ve seen that particular group before this I saw them at ICE protests in July and I’ve talked to them and they’re very nice people so I was quite surprised to end up unconscious in the hospital,” Gugino said when speaking out the day after the charges were dismissed.

Buffalo Police have been working to get some reform within the department within the last few months. In the fall of last year, Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown signed "Cariol's Law", which requires officers to intervene when other officers are acting inappropriately. Where does the name come from?

Nearly 14 years to the day after fired Buffalo police officer Cariol Holloman-Horne said she tried to stop another cop from choking a suspect, Mayor Byron Brown signed a law that would legally require a Buffalo police officer to intervene if another fellow officer is using excessive force", according to the Buffalo News.

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