You could get the cold shoulder this Valentine's Day but it might be from Mother Nature and not that special someone.

Right now, forecasters are keeping an eye on an arctic storm that could seep across New York this weekend and bring cold and snow on Valentine's Day.

We will see a bit of a warmup before this next cold front moves into the area which could cause more snow than usual.

According to Accuweather, the storm is still in the early stage of developing.

“The antennas are still up for an East Coast storm on Sunday and Monday,” AccuWeather Chief On-Air Meteorologist Bernie Rayno said, adding that it is not yet certain how far to the north wintry precipitation, including snow, will spread

Depending on how the jet stream moves and how the weather fronts move with the win, Snow could be mainly downstate near Binghamton, but if the southern front moves more noth we could see the snow and cold impact most of New York State.

The way the storms are setting up right now, we could see some limited Lake Effect snow in Western New York and northern New York State and more "regular" snow downstate.

"The pattern has the look that a banana-shaped area of high pressure may form with the cold air from northern New England to the western Gulf Coast, which is a classic setup for wintry precipitation to occur somewhere in the East even if snow potential is limited to a small area," Pastelok said.

We are no strangers to snow this Winter here in Western New York. Currently Buffalo and Rochester are #1 and #2 for most snow for cities with over 100,000 residents. Also several towns in New York have already gotten over 100 inches of snow.

So if you get the cold shoulder this Valentine's Day, it might just be Mother Nature.

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