Everyone has a general idea about what is happening between Russia and Ukraine, but only a percentage of those people have lived through it and escaped to safety.

Ukraine and Russia are currently in a state of war. Conflicts began as early as 2014 after the Russian annexation of Crimea, but last month (Feb. 2022), Russia invaded Ukraine across a broad front and chose to attack.

These Russian attacks on Ukraine's northeastern region (called Kharkiv) killed 34 civilians and injured nearly 300 more overnight into Thursday morning (according to Ukraine emergency services).

Due to the attacks and brutality, there have been a few dozen fires caused by ammunition entering houses, nearby government buildings, etc. 

The conditions have become so dangerous that families are fleeing Ukraine to find safety, including one family who is seeking refuge in Western New York.

And this family needs your help.

One father posted on Buffalo Reddit that his family, including his wife and two children, have fled their home in Kharkiv, Ukraine. They are planning to arrive in Buffalo so they can safely make their way to be with extended family in North Tonawanda soon. 

Since it was a hurry to flee Ukraine, they were unable to bring much with them, and now they are having to cover the costs of temporarily resettling.

The post read:

Does anyone know a home, apartment, or studio that is for rent on the cheap, or one that sits empty that the owner wouldn’t mind helping with? Every dollar counts right now. We plan to stay for two weeks to a month, as we need to return to help rebuild after the conflict.”

The family says they could stay with family, but it would be difficult for their children, and they want to minimize their trauma as much as possible.

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