When Kylie Jenner turned 18 years old in August 2015 it was kinda like a big deal. So big, Tyga gifted his teenage boo with not one, but two cars. In addition to copping Kylie a $320,000 Ferrari, T-Raw allegedly re-gifted King Kylie, his ex Blacc Chyna’s Mercedes Benz G-Wagon. Less than a few months later it looks like someone else maybe be getting to joyride in the recycled luxury sedan — the repo man.

According to TMZ, the 2013 G-Wagon Tyga just had painted red last year is being hunted down by a repossessions company. Based on exclusive documents, the Last Kings rhymer hasn’t made a payment on the V since October 2015. To make matters worst, the docs name Kylie as his girl with her address as a place they could retrieve the vehicle from. The company has reportedly been trying to locate and pick up the car since January, but hasn't been successful since it’s been stashed behind Kylie’s security gates.

Tyga is having financial woes left and right. Around the time Kylie was first seen cruising around in the Wagon at her birthday dinner at Nobu in Malibu, Tyga was kicked out of his Calabasas home in for failing to pay $70,000 in back rent. Months before that he got the boot from another home and owed another $80K. Fast forward to today the repo man is looking for him, he is facing eviction from his Hollywood Hills mansion and he was just slammed with $120,000 tax liens.

Hopefully he can get his finances in order with the proceeds from his Rawwest Live Tour.

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