Certain things are okay to make payments on a couch, a car, a house etc... Certain things aren't acceptable like a BABY.

Two women from Abilene, Texas Joanna Delacruz Huerta 29, Marilu Munoz 27, were arrested for making "arrangements" to buy/sell a 7 month infant in September for $2,000. Marilu Munoz's money was a little short so the two women worked out an "installment plan". The two were arrested for their involvement and charged with with the sale or purchase of an infant.

If convicted, they face 10 years in jail. Here's an BIG DUMMY FUN FACT: The day before she was charged with selling her child, Joanna was arrested for possession of cocaine -- a crime she was arrested for several times. Do you see the correalation between drugs and BIG DUMMY activity ? My question is what would have happened if she was late or missed a payment ? Do they have a illegal baby sale repo department ? This takes child support payments to another level.

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