You see them everywhere...I am referring to Plexiglass shields and one local company is helping get them into school districts right here in WNY.

Stohl Environmental, based in Orchard Park has been working with WNY school districts for over 30 years.

“Many of our school districts needed a solution to keep students in school or bring them back," said Franjoine.

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WKBW-TV tells us that USA Sealing, ia a local manufacturer in Cheektowaga that manufactures the partitions.

“It kind of forms a mini cubicle for children, it gives them a degree of normalcy, gives them some freedom to move around," said Pete Smith, Executive Director at USA Sealing.

USA Sealing sold millions of dollars worth of these dividers all over the country.

Locally, Stohl Environmental is working to get them in local schools, including...

Buffalo Public Schools, Lancaster, Orchard Park, up into the Northtowns, down into the Southern Tier, southwestern schools, Jamestown schools," said Franjoine.

With the CDC’s new guidance, which recently came out changing recommendations from 6 feet to 3 feet of social distance in schools, there has been a surge in requests.

"Because a lot of districts that have been remote are trying to bring all of their students back full time," said Franjoine.

75% of the dividers made at USA Sealing are customized, according to Smith. And prices vary based on what customers need and want.

Stohl Environmental travels to schools and does the measuring then letting USA Sealing know what a school needs.

"The time between when they pick up the phone and call us to when they have dividers in their schools could be as little as a week," said Franjoine.

visit their websiteUSA Sealing website

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