Rape is SERIOUS ... but women are almost ALWAYS looked at as though they MUST HAVE provoked the actions of a man who has aggressively violated her sexually.

The fact that women have a difficult time proving, or even having someone believe, they were Raped, especially when it's "Date Rape"...  is exemplified by the Tweets in response to speculations that Buffalo Native, Chicago Blackhawk's Hockey Player Patrick Kane raped a woman at his home recently.

Here's what some people Tweeted:

  1. what's up with all these rape accusations with professionals lately. U think Pat Kane really needs to rape someone? He pulls like crazy

  2. Pat Kane gets accused of rape ppl saying innocent but when Jameis got accused ppl calling for his head #racist

  3. No way in hell pat Kane would ever even need to rape some dumb hoe

  4. "Pat Kane is too rich to have to rape someone" Yeah he's also too rich to punch a cab driver over 20 cents but that didn't happen either

  5. So stupid why would Pat Kane need to rape anybody. She clearly just wants money

  6. What girl wouldn't let pat Kane rape them?

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