Today Trey Songz is being entered into the BIG DUMMY FILES for his trademarked Yuuuup. Trey sent a cease and desist letter to David Hester of the reality TV series, “Storage Wars.”

It seems that Trey Songz felt that Hester’s use of the phrase “YUUUP” during the auction portion of the show, infringes upon his trademark call. These two yuuuuuppp sound nothing alike to me David Hester in return filed a full lawsuit against Trey, in the Southern District Court of NY order to continue to use the phrase. This has to be the dumbest waste of time for both of these men. In David defense he was minding his own business when Trey Songz sent him the cease and desist order.

The average person who watches storage war probably doesn't know who Trey Songz is and the TWO CALLS sound nothing alike. You be the judge.