Trey Songz is denying KeKe Palmer’s accusations that he allegedly used “sexual intimidation” to pressure her into appearing in his video for “Pick Up the Phone.” As we previously reported, the actress blasted Songz for using footage of her without permission in the clip.

Initially, Songz responded on his Twitter page, tweeting, “Babygirl buggin. Point blank period. Got my number, coulda called, saw the cameras and the lights, heard action.”

The “Slow Motion” singer would later explain further in an Instagram post above. "So sorry for those that believe everything without knowing anything. However, I cannot devote my life to responding to, or clearing up every side of every story you hear about me, when would I actually live?" he writes.

"I know my character, I know my truth, I know my heart. God does too. Words to anyone who's being tested right now...I feel you, it'll pass, I've been in a million storms...they all pass. Don't let the noisy thoughts of others drown your inner voice, or inner peace for that matter."

Later, Palmer responded to Songz's response on her IG page, which you can read below. The 23-year-old insists that she did not give him permission to use her likeness in the video. "It's not okay to film me without my permission. Then to make matters worst, use it to market a single you're making money on?" she writes.

"Come sis, that's taking advantage of our "friendship" and public betrayal and I have every right to publicly address it, I didn't contact privately for approval, I seen it on a public website after already declining," she continues.

Palmer concluded her statement with, "So, if I had to say no, in this situation, it was for a good reason. And I took a public stand to make the point that I won't be quiet when I see I've been taken advantage of and you shouldn't either."

What do you think? Was Trey Songz in the wrong for including Keke Palmer in his video without permission? Tell us in the comments.

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