Now this is very different I know about 300 females that would to touch Trey Songz's Fingernail.

Apparently Lisa Bloom (The Victims Attorney) claims Trey hit her in the face because he was salty that she was talking to another man.

In the Paper work it says Trey choked her, then began hitting her in the face a couple times until she fell to the ground. The woman says Trey didn’t stop until security got him up off of her. She says she was left with bruises all over her face and hands.

Trey Songz lawyer, Shawn Holley, told TMZ,

“Trey has not spoken with Ms. Buera nor has he attempted to speak with her since the night of the gathering.”

His lawyer also said there were people at the party who claim that the woman is lying.

Maybe Trey just has a little temper because he is currently on probation for pleading guilty to 2 misdemeanors after he went crazy throwing anything he could find off stage at his concert in 2016. He also was sued by a fan after he allegedly smacked her phone out of her hand and into her face, breaking her glasses.


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