Wow Add this to the list of reboots and part 2ss,3s of legendary movies we all grew up with but this one hit me different because how are not going to involve the main character we all grew up with!

I just want to know where is the originality in this age in time. like I understand the 90s was great era and the early 2000s was basically lit to but cmon now when are new cartoons going to come out? when are new tv shows going to Come out?, how many times you gotta reboot something? that's just my 2 cent but:

Even after earning his second Academy Award back in 2001 for Alonzo Harris you would think they would involve Denzel Washington in the prequel of the movie Training Day.

Not only Denzel will not be involved Antoine Fuqua, the director of the original film, will also not be apart of this prequel.

Sheesshh I don't know how to feel about this

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