Don Q picked a fight with Tory Lanez with "I'm Not Joyner," and now Lanez has hit back with his own track, "Don Queen." The Canadian rapper initially brushed off what Q had to say, asking,

"That's what you came with, n***a? Fuck outta here."

Opening with a sample of Nicki Minaj asking who Don Q is from an episode of Queen Radio, it's clear that Lanez isn't taking any prisoners.

Rapping over the beat for Drake's "Duppy Freestyle," Lanez isn't helping when it comes to Q's accusations that he stole a lot of his style from Drizzy's earliest projects, but he certainly gets his shots in. Among them: "This record right here’s ‘bout to give you more shine than A Boogie ever gave you in your whole career." He also raps, "How could I beef with a dude only poppin' in four cities," which is only further heightened by the intro.

"You lookin' like a Styles P nephew that never made it,"


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