Whenever you hear of a murder that happened, it seems like that's the number one crime committed here in New York. Because death is so "final," it's much more impactful on us than a car break-in. But statistically speaking, homicides happen much less frequently than you might think. Of the seven crime indexes in New York - murder, rape, robbery, motor vehicle theft, burglary, aggravated assault, and larceny - it actually occurs the least. In 2020, there were 836 murders in New York State. I'm not saying that loss of life isn't important; just that there aren't as many killings happening as it appears to be.

The data New York State uses comes from reports from police departments and sheriff's offices from around the state. There were 271,910 property crimes committed in New York State in 2020, which is up 1.90 percent from 2019. As for violent crimes committed across the state, there were 70,543, an increase of 1 percent from 2019. New York City accounts for more than twice the rest of the state's incidents of violent crimes. There were 47,959 violent crimes committed in NYC, whereas there were 22,584 around the rest of the state.

Looking over the 2020 crime stats from across the state, these are the top 5 crimes that were committed:

5. Robbery - 17,506
4. Motor Vehicle Theft - 19,599
3. Burglary - 32,239
2. Aggravated Assault - 46,591
1. Larceny - 220,072

Larceny is the number one crime committed most in New York State. Wikipedia describes larceny as,

a crime involving the unlawful taking or theft of the personal property of another person or business.

Data provided by the New York Division of Criminal Justice Services.

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