In Buffalo and all around New York State, there are cars thefts and car break-ins all the time. Oftentimes, these car thefts happen when people are too careless, by leaving their doors unlocked, or even leaving their keys right in the vehicles. Back before there were automatic starters in vehicles, many car thefts would happen in the wintertime. Nowadays there is more technology to help prevent cars from being stolen. Although this crime is still a big deal in New York State, it is more common in older cars and vans. According to a report in the, most of the vehicles that were stolen were from the year model 2016 and older. Now that SUVs are the most popular vehicles on the road, statics show that they are more likely to be targeted for vehicle theft.

Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles In New York State

Vehicles from 2016 and earlier were the most stolen vehicles in New York State.

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