According to the Chamber of Commerce, New York is the third richest state in the United States.  New York City has more millionaires that call it home than any other city in the world.  Almost one million millionaires live in NYC in 2018, according to a report released by Wealth-X.

However, even with all of the wealth in New York, there's lots of poverty to go around.

2 of the richest states, New York and Alaska, have higher poverty rates than one would expect, indicating an above-average wealth inequality gap between the states’ richest and poorest citizens.  ~ Chamber of Commerce

The average three-year poverty rate for New York State from 2018 to 2020 was 11.8 percent. All of the counties in the top 10 have a poverty rate significantly higher than the state's rate. Of the 62 counties in New York State, these are the counties in New York with the top 10 poverty rates, according to data from 2019.

10.  Chautauqua County
Dunkirk and Jamestown are notable cities within the county. There are 19,896 residents, of all ages, in Chautauqua County who are living in poverty.   The poverty rate is 16.3 percent. The Median Household Income is $46,820.

Today, the manufacturing sector provides the base for the county's economy with important and growing contributions from the retail, service, and tourism sectors. Farming continues to contribute to the county's economy, as well as the associated food processing industry. ~ New York City

9. Fulton County
The poverty rate in Fulton County, which is located in central NYS, is 16.4 percent, with 8,533 residents living in poverty. The Median Household Income is $50,482.

Fulton County has more than 1,200 businesses and industries that provide services and produce yogurt, cheese and other dairy products, bakery items, boating accessories, canvas items, chemicals, cleaning products, furniture, knitted and leather goods, medical equipment, paint, recycled products, refrigeration units and textiles. ~ New York State

8. Tompkins County
Tompkins County has 15,079 residents in poverty, with a rate of 16.9 percent. The county seat is in Ithaca. The Median Household Income is $60,240.

;Tompkins County's intellectual assets feed the business community with scientific break-throughs, an entrepreneurial spirit and a creative, highly-skilled workforce. They have also helped spur the growth of research-based businesses and attracted nationally renowned teams of scientists. ~ New York State

7. Cortland County
Courtland, which is halfway between Syracuse and Binghamton, has a poverty rate of 17.3, with of its residents 7,542 living in poverty. The Median Household Income is $56,023.

A handful of industry sectors are critical to Cortland County’s potential for growth and prosperity including Manufacturing that capitalizes on the county’s hardworking, educated workforce; distribution, which relies on the county’s central location and easy access to major highway and rail infrastructure; research and development, which can access the surplus of technical and research expertise; agriculture, a sector with a strong local tradition; and tourism. ~ New York State

6. Kings County
The borough of Brooklyn is located within Kings County. There are 446,923 residents in Kings County living in poverty, a rate of 17.7 percent. It has a Median Household Income of $60,231.

In recent years, Brooklyn has benefited from a steady influx of financial back-office operations from Manhattan, the rapid growth of a high-tech and entertainment economy in DUMBO, and strong growth in support services such as accounting, personal supply agencies, and computer services firms. ~ New York State

5. Broome County
Binghampton is a notable city within the county. The main industries are agriculture and farming. There are 31,962 residents living in poverty, a rate of 17.8. The Median Household Income is $52,226.

4. Allegany County
There are 7,491 people living in poverty in Allegany County, a poverty rate of 17.9 percent. The Median Household Income is $48,412. The main industry in Allegany is education,

There are four higher education facilities including: Alfred University, Alfred State College, Houghton College and New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University.

3. Franklin County
Located in northern New York, near the Canadian border, 8,017 residents are living in poverty, a rate of 18.1 percent. The Median Household Income is $50,407.

2. St. Lawrence County
St. Lawrence County has a poverty rate of 18.9 percent and 18,348 residents living in poverty. The Median Household Income is $50,940.

Acco Corp. located its eastern North America distribution center in Ogdensburg, and the Cives Corp. distributes structural steel throughout the Northeastern US from its facility in the Village of Gouverneur. ~ New York State

1. Bronx County
Home of the Borough of the Bronx, the county, which is only 57 square miles, has 361,834 residents living in poverty. Bronx County has a poverty rate of 26.2 percent. The Median Household Income is $40,088.

Data provided by the U.S Census Bureau.

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